Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old Swan family photos

Yesterday, I finally complied my grandmother's photograph collection of family and friends into 2 albums. For years (while I was growing up) these were in the same box I took them from in my grandmother's trunk; in hunter green leather, that for some reason was always in the corner of the dining room. On many afternoon's we would pull the photographs out from the trunk and talk about who was in the photo and how they were or were not related to me. I would hear all these marvellous stories as I learned from her our family history. Now these same photos are in albums that my grandchildren can come over and browse through and learn how they are related or not to the individuals in the photos. These were/are some of my favs...

My aunt Millie's baby Lincoln

Great aunt Hulda (l), far right cousin Helen Scott

Mrs. Fields, a Modesto neighbor, Thanksgiving Day, 1924

R.W. Swan with the Beaber boys, cousins of R.W., 1931 Weed, CA.

Gram's bff's Lydia & Clara, Lydia had punctured the tire whle driving. 

aunt Bette w/ Mrs. Warren a neighbor and close family friend, Modesto, 1925

 Cousins Mavis (hat) and bro. Ralph McKenzie (center) I always loved the BIG hair bow

1923, Modesto, CA; RW Swan (2nd l), next to him great uncle Geo. Holly. (far right in white shirt) Uncle Ted. Lower right aunt Bette.

Aunt Bette (l), dad (r)

Cousin Edward Scott

Modesto neighbors

This is my VERY fav of all... cousin Selma. Not because of the photo, but (and that may be the operative word) because gram would always say; this is cousin Selma, she didn't have a rectum! Of course she had or she wouldn't be alive I would always reply. No. She did not! I love the absurdity of the story still. I would pull out this pic just to hear gram say it...


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