Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Morning, Inspiration....

Friday's arrived and not a moment too soon. Temps have dropped comfortably into the mid-80's which is far better than the lingering triple digit heatweave that carried us through the end of June into July. Although, those temps were perfect for the fourth of July family holiday weekend get-away that we SO enjoyed in Sutter Creek~ it was the perfect vacation on so many levels for ALL of us. 

WE were able to rent one of our fav 100+ year old cottages that backs up to Sutter Creek. On our fav street~ how cool is that? The street begins just off downtown Main street and ends in a rural fork in the road a few blocks later. 
I love the diversity of this street, the juxtapostion of old meets new. The street houses (literally) an art gallery, a Greek restaurant, a 1940's gas station, a newly remodled Pizza Plus (in what was formerly a local coffeehouse), private residences, a bed and breakfast and directly across the street from the cottage, where we vacationed, is the historical Sutter Creek foundry (1860-80's), a few doors down near the fork in the road was once, a few years back, a sculpting warehouse now vacant~ looking quaintly ramshackle.

Here is the beginning of our adventure a couple of Fridays ago. Throughout the weekend I will be putting together a few more family videos. Enjoy!


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