Saturday, June 11, 2011

Afternoon Malaise

Predicted weekend weather forecast was high 80's. I'm sure it must be in the high 80's... elsewhere. Just not here. Blue skies, sunshine with a soft cool breeze hovering in the high 60's.

I spent the AM hours designing a lay-out for this blog page. Realized I was hungry somewhere after lunchtime. Looking about in the fridge and cabinets nothing seemed interesting. I picked up a Pizza Factory menu, opting for take out.  I ordered a hot, toasted pastrami sandwich which comes on a hoagie roll and is served with a garlic pickle and bag of chips. In-between writing and laundry not much else was accomplished today. 2 out of 4 things checked off of my Saturday to do list~ I'm okay with that... will catch up tomorrow.

After lunch, turned the TV on in the master bedroom, to OWN~ French Kiss was just beginning. Amanda, Tara and I love this movie!  So, of course, I had to watch it (again).

A full tummy, one of my fav movies and a soft breeze wafting into the master bedroom through the open windows lulled me and the indoor gang, who were lounging with me, into a lovely afternoon nap.

After waking from my nap and getting back into laundry mode, folding/putting clothes and linens away, Jeff arrived home from work. We got caught up on the days events. He's watching TV in the living room~ something to do with WWII, I'm sure. I quietly tip-toed into the living room to see, it's Cain's Mutany~ how did I know?
OWN has a new HGTV-like show on, Love It or List It. The series is a bit like HGTV's Unsellable's. The twist is just not on staging and selling, but having the option to remain in the home after the remodel is complete.


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