Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morning jazz with a twist

Today's thought is borrowed from my cousin Amber's husband David. When I first read it I burst out in spontaneous laughter from the visual. So, of course, I have to share with you:  "You can't trade shoes with a barefoot monkey".

Summer has arrived with it's annual balmy temps and soft afternoon breezes. What is it about summer that WE all look forward to?  Is it from long ago childhood memories where the anticipation of the last day of school would lead us into myriad unstructured magical moments that held a 3 month lifespan which equaled unlimited freedom from pressure? Family vacations? Jetskiing at the lake?  Barbecues? Swimming at the beach? Reading a good book? To just be. To do (anything). To experience the moment without expectation? To have a hundred adventures in one day? FF to the present where now having to do one thing a day can be quite the adventure (challenge). However you are spending your days, I hope you are making the most of what promises to be another glorious summer filled with unlimited possibilities.


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