Saturday, June 11, 2011

A new concept

In the coffee shops
The stories begin
Lovers smile shyly over espresso's,
Holding hands
Business men gulping down coffee
Like automatons,
Eyes glued to their "New York Times".
Lonely old men reminice alone,
Over bagels and tea.
Friends laugh and sigh,
Cry over details
Catch up on old times
I sit with Jeff
Another coffee shop story unfolding
Through haze of sepia-tinged,
Coffee stained
Smoke curling
Silver guitar strings crying
White crack of light through
Black curtain closing
A new concept begins...

And, what would that concept be you ask? Blogging. I would like to thank Jessica Fiken for her poetry. I've never met Jessica, but I went online (isn't it wonderfully amazing ALL the cool things you find while browzing?) to find a sepia coffee photograph to kick start this page. While there I came across Jessica's photograph and poetry which fit so well for my first blog entry. With some literary license I changed a few verses. The random online search began after a cup of French roasted coffee and a brief Saturday morning conversation with Jeff before he jetted off to work~ encouraging me to give some serious thought to blogging.

You would think that as a writer I would welcome an opportunity to write. And, yet... not so much. As all writers know, there is nothing more terrorizing than staring at a blank page (or screen) in front of you. A visual of Diane Keaton, in Something's Gotta Give instantly came to mind.

Then the thought, "Why, not? Just do it!"  It was a slogan after all that has worked out very well for Nike.

This blog is going to be somewhat similar to my facebook page. I'll be writing snippets from moments of my daily life. Incorporating photographs, images, quotes, art work, music & video, to name but a few things.

BYO popcorn, cop a squat... we're in for a wonderful adventure.


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